I warmly welcome you and invite you to be my guests - virtually and in reality.

This page is about one of the most beautiful places in the world - great Baikal Lake in Russian Siberia.

If you are a Dreamer, a True Traveller, if you look for authentic traditions and Wild Nature - this place is a Must for you!

Walking miles through snowy taiga forest, sitting at the fire-place and talking about life, listening to the countless stars and relaxing deeply in a traditional Russian banya, you start re-evaluating your whole life, your goals and your relationships with closest people, and suddenly you understand that there are very few things really worth caring about... 

About me

In brief: In 2006 I came to Baikal lake as a tourist and fell in love with it, totally, I lost my heart. Since 2008 I live in Irkutsk and work all over the area as a guide.  I do this because I can't live without Baikal. More about me and my work you can read in the References from the tourists.

To be continued soon...



Разовое занятие - 500 руб.
Абонемент на 4 занятия - 1 700 руб. (по 425 руб. за занятие)
Абонемент на 8 занятий - 3 000 руб. (по 375 руб. за занятие)
Действительно для занятий цигун и женских практик.
При пропуске по абонементу возможен один перенос.
регулярные занятия цигун - только для тех, кто прошел первую ступень!